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GCH Guitar Academy
Free online guitar course

Welcome to this free online version of the GCH Guitar Academy multi award winning guitar course. It is hoped that this Web site will eventually contain the all the GCH Guitar Academy guitar tutorials in eBook form and with all the supporting video and audio resources. The GCH Guitar Academy guitar course has well structured and professionally written guitar lessons that has been used over many years to teach many students how to play guitar. Many former guitar students have become successful guitarists and some have become professional, so hopefully you will do the same.


Initially this site is an experiment to see if the advertising venue and/or donations alone will allow me to continue to provide free guitar tutorials. If you would like to more free guitar lessons and this web site made permanent please support it by sharing it with as many people as you can and subscribe to the connected YouTube channel GCH Guitar Academy, as the amount of advertising revenue depends on the number of visitors the site gets per month.

We have just introduced the LEFT HANDED version of the guitar course with all new left handed guitar lessons.



How to use the course correctly

click on the 'Guitar Lessons' button
then click on the 'Right Handed' button or 'Left Handed'
depending on how you want to learn to play the guitar
When you click on the eBook to fill your screen
the supporting media will appear below the eBook in time.


It is important to practise your guitar for at least 10 minutes each day or as much as you can, especially if you want to master the guitar correctly. As the course is progressive you will only master playing the guitar if you complete each guitar tutorial and practise each lesson in order.


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