These patches are for MAC intel only.
Mac OSX 10.5 or newer

First Steps

First steps
file 41MB
First steps left handed
file 41MB

Unit One

Unit One
file 277MB
Unit One left handed
file 279MB

Unit Two

Unit Two
file 52MB
Unit Two left handed
file 52MB


To summarize
Simply replace the applications in the main folder with the new applications contained in the dmg file.

Full instructions.

1. Make sure you have a copy of the folder containing the applications on your computer.

2. Download the appropriate update on to your computer.

2. Open the folder and delete the following files; metronome.osx, tuner.osx, BackingsPlayer.osx.
You will also need to delete the main program which will be named firstSteps.osx, GuitarCourse.osx, GuitarCourse2.osx or something similar.

3. Copy the files from the update in to the folder and arrange then as you find best.

3. You should now be able to run the software as normal.


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