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About us

GCH Guitar Academy was established in 1992, however the founder Gareth Hargreaves had been teaching, and playing in bands and as a studio artist since the 1980's. The course was developed to teach individuals, school classes and groups how to play the guitar. The course was developed because the commercially available material was, and is so poor. Having been developed for, and being used to teach one to one students the course has been tried and tested and changed where necessary to produce the best possible results the course is now one of the best courses available.

In recent years combining the GCH Guitar Academy guitar course material with new multimedia technology, has produced the multimedia guitar method that cannot be beaten. We originally intended to pass the multimedia course on to a publisher to take over the sales and distribution. However we have remained the sole distributors of the course giving us the ability to provide a far more unique learning experience.

The multimedia course is now well established, having sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and having been featured in a number of high profile magazines. The course still continues to grow and improve and in this next development we hope to be able to provide the course for free, making it even more accessible.


GCH Guitar Academy guitar course, free guitar lessons