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Choosing a guitar

Choosing a guitar is a very personal thing, because of this I can only offer limited advise. however some of the main things to consider when choosing a guitar are.

The type of music you want to play
The type of guitars you like
How much money you want to spend

When you have decided on the style and price of guitar you want to buy, the most important question before buying a guitar is 'do you like the way the guitar feels', and this can only be answered by trying a few guitars.

This is an excellent eBook by 'Music Industries Association (MIA)'. Click to read /download

Tuning your guitar

Before you start playing your guitar you will need to check it is in tune. You can download the free tuner from the download page install it and tune your guitar using that.

Download page

This video explains how to use the GCH Guitar Academy guitar tuner and how to tune your guitar.

If you have trouble tuning your guitar find some help, as it is very easy to brake strings.

Reading chord and scale maps (left handed)

The first thing you must learn to do is read chords, scales and notes so that you can practice the lessons.

Left handed chords and scales
Chords are initially written in chord charts. These are simple pictures of the guitar neck with dots which represent the tips of fingers pressing on the string. You should try to place the fingers on the guitar as shown in the chord map and then strum the strings.

Scales are initially shown in the same way, however with scales you should play the notes one at a time.

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Playing your first chords (left handed)

Once you can read the chord charts you can start learning the chords.

Left Handed chords
Your first chords are open chords, which means they usually contain one or more strings that are played without a finger being pressed down on them. It is common when playing your first chords to find one or two strings don't sound quit right. This video helps address this issue and allows you to slowly, progressively start learning to play chords.

The free eBook download on the download page contains a chord chart that can be printed ou and used for reference.

FULL left handed guitar course

Playing your first tunes using chords

Once you can read the chords and play a few chords you can try playing a tune.

Your first chord tunes
This tutorial will teach you the absolute basics of measures/bars and then explain how you can use chords to play along with 2 tunes using backing tracks.

The first chord tunes are, She'll be coming 'round the mountaind and Hey Jude. For now you should play one chord per bar on the first beat. You can add a strumming rhythm later when you can play the chords quickly and cleanly enough.


Play Hey Jude with easy chords

A very simple version of Hey Jude on the guitar using simple open chords.
This tutorial includes the use of a backing track to help you understand how the chords fit in with the music, for copyright purposes this is not The Beatles version.

The chords are

D7 G Em A7 D D7 G Em A7 D D7 A7


Playing the G major chord (left handed)

Once you can read the chord and scale charts you can also learn some scales.

Scales are an essential part of playing the guitar. When playing a scale you play one note at a time, unlike chords. Not only will practising scales help you play various tunes, but they also will help you when it comes to understanding guitar music theory.

I would recommend you play scales every time you practise the guitar. Scales are ideal for warming up your fingers.

Learn to read tab in a minute (left handed)

Tablature or tab is an easy way of writing and reading guitar music. Like most modern guitar courses the GCH Guitar Academy guitar course uses tablature as the primary way of writing guitar music down.

Tab is one of the most recognized methods of writing guitar music and there are many books available of guitar music in tab form. Your local music or guitar shop will probably have a selection tablature books and your local newsagents will have guitar magazines with tablature.

Tab is the same for left handed and right handed guitarists.

'E' string rooted barre chords (left handed)

This tutorial is not for an absolute beginner, unless you have extreme confidence in your ability to learn to play the guitar.

'E' string rooted barre chords are more often refurd to as 'first position barre chords'.

These are hard to play but well worth the effort. Even if you cant play a clean barre chord straight away, keep practising them and they will eventually become clean.


The first four weeks of lessons


The complete left handed guitar course is now becoming
available for FREE online in eBook and video form.

If you are looking for guitar lessons
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GCH Guitar Academy currently have one to one lessons available in Old Colwyn, Colwyn Bay, Conwy.

The lessons are one to one, private lessons in Old Colwyn, however the times available is limited and are filling fast so be sure to ring and book your lessons soon to avoid disappointment.

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