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The GCH Guitar Academy was founded in 1992 in North Wales. Over the years numerous students have successfully achieved or are achieving their goals as musicians and are now writing music or playing in bands. Because the course doesn't focus on any one style of music, the students who stuck to the course are in the position where they can play what ever style of music they choose to.

Some former students have made their music available as MP3's to demonstrate what can be achieved with practice.

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some former GCH Guitar Academy students

Students and their music

Sad Fantasy music

Sad Fantasy

Not so much a student, but still very much involved in guitar academy and the creation of the course. Sad fantasy music is very experimental, anything from hardcore dance and heavy metal to classical and flamenco guitar. Sad Fantasy writes tunes and exercises especially for this course.

The Official web site


GCH Guitar Academy former student Duncan MacGregor

Duncan MacGregor - Morris Major

Morris Major need all of their experience as they negotiate an army of industry fads and a plague of popular affectations. They fend off fake accents, ludicrous barnets and pointy shoes with their arsenal of thoughtful lyrics, catchy melodies and hooks.

To listen to some of their music online or find out where and when to see them live click the following links.

Morris Major music

Morris Major live

GCH Guitar Academy former student Paul Webbern

Eminent people

Paul is a very professionally minded musician who is keen to get on in the music industry. His influences are varied, this means his music style is not easy to categorize. I think indie rock is probably a close match, but I think his music will continue to evolve over the next few years.

Listen to these great MP3's

Track 1 - Across the lake
Track 2 - Atlantic
Track 3 - There in place

Paul's Myspace web site


GCH Guitar Academy former student Rich Elson

Rich Elson - Vamps N Gypsies

Rich plays Bass in the band Vamps N Gypsies. When I taught him his influences were Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana and Former Presidents to name just a couple. From the beginning he was involved with bands, and has now come along way.

To listen to their MP3's and to find out when and where they are gigging you can visit there MySpace site.

MySpace web site

If you need to contact the band you can do so via there Myspace site.

For anyone who is wondering . . Yes we teach bass here but haven't produced the CD-rom version yet.

GCH Guitar Academy former student, Composer London Los Ageles

Paul O'Brien / Composer

Paul has become a very acomplished composer who writes music for films and television. You can hear his music and find out more about him on his Web site.

He very kindly had this to say about his lessons here,

"Gareth's teaching was down to earth, not biased to one style of music, aimed at my goals in playing guitar and taught me how to write music and understand what makes a song good without realising it. Conversations with Gareth about the music industry and recording have also been invaluable. Gareth can also shred with the best of them!"

Chris Ryan - Electric Sunroof

Electric sunroof like to stay mysterious, but I can tell you they are semiprofessional and looking to go further. Any managers or music publishers looking for a good sounding Brit band . . . here ya go.

They have some good sounding MP3's and a rather strange video on there MySpace page, plus if you want to contact them or find out more, this is the place to look

MySpace web site

John Hatton

John writes and records music more for personal pleasure and personal development than to make a living in music. His style of music is very guitar based, something like the shadows brought into the 21st century. He has recently been experimenting with ways to diversify his music and the results so far sound good.

Listen to these great MP3's

Track 1 - Relax
Track 2 - The Route
Track 3 - Wanting

Dennis Edwards

Dennis loves Country and Western music. He tends to play and sing cover versions, but he has writing some of his own songs as well.

He is currently recovering after successful treatment for prostate cancer and is actively raising money for a prostate cancer charity.
He has just released a second album to raise money for a local Cancer charity.

Listen to his music on Youtube


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